Our goal is to simplify the fragmented marketing ecosystem.

Online channels like social media, news, and emails are easily accessible to customers. But the means to reach online customers cross-channel is still a challenge for most businesses. It’s time to challenge the status quo, drive change using automation and strong values.

Accessible to all

Ensuring our technology is accessible to all allows for greater social and economic mobility, and helps to create a more equal and connected society.

Grow together

Through partnerships, we hope to lead the creation of new products or services and provide disruptive tech to new markets and customer bases.

Make a difference

We pride ourselves in prioritising the social benefits of our technology, reduce environmental impacts in operations and contribute to the greater good.

Suryabala Shenbagamurthy

Surya is a digital marketing specialist with global experience. Her inspiration to build Fivegrid came from her father during the pandemic when many businesses were shifting digital first. She’s also known for her TedEx talk on social media influence on human behavior. When Surya is not researching marketing technology and data privacy, she is busy exploring bushwalks around Sydney.

Gokul Chandrasekaran

Gokul is a software engineer, so yes he’s an introvert. When he is not on his laptop you can find him exploring Sydney on his little gray bike or brewing Kombucha cause he’s a hipster. Also why build Fivegrid you ask, cause it makes sense. It’s one of the few things in this world that actually makes sense.